Gearman HQ

Fast. Load-balanced. Highly-available.

The hosted job queue management system
for getting work done using Gearman. Coming soon!


What is Gearman?

Gearman is a protocol originally created by Danga Interactive (LiveJournal, Memcached) to talk about background jobs between three actors: clients, workers, and managers. The client requests work of the manager, the manager doles out the work to a worker, and the worker performs it. Simple, no? The worker can optionally send back progress reports or other messages related to warnings, exceptions or error messages.

What is Gearman HQ?

The C implementation of Gearman gearmand is great but suffers from one fatal flaw: It takes time to set up, configure, and load balance. Further, there is no inherent high-availability built-in. We’ve put all of this in the cloud for you so you can concentrate on what the workers do and how you call them. We also keep track of job metrics, like how long a queue will take to clear, and what happens when a job error occurs.

Who’s Running this Thing?

We’re Cramer Development, and our projects require a lot of background processing. We’re sure yours do too, otherwise there wouldn’t be great projects like Beanstalk, Resque, Delayed Job and BackgrounDRb. We hope our contribution can make your life a bit more sane when it comes to background processing.